FUZZ-IEEE-34 Methods of Operations Research For Decision Support Under Uncertainty

Organizer: Jaroslav Ramik

This special session has been provisionally accepted for the FUZZ-IEEE 2016 conference which will be held as part of the 2016 IEEE WCCI in Vancouver, Canada at July 25-29, 2016.

Decision analysis based on uncertain data is natural in many real-world applications, and sometimes such an analysis is inevitable. In the past years, researchers have proposed many efficient operations research models and methods, which have been widely applied to real-life problems, such as finance, management, manufacturing, supply chain, transportation, among others. This special session aims to provide a forum for advancing the analysis, understanding, development, and practice of uncertainty theory and operations research for solving economic, engineering, management, and social problems.

Scope and Topics

The goal of this special session is to provide an excellent forum for the discussion of the latest methods of operations research. The scope of the session will be focused on development of new methods of multiple criteria decision making under conditions of uncertainty and risk based on possibility theory and fuzzy sets theory. A new theory based on fuzzy relations and duality principle will be welcome. We invite the submission of high-quality, original and unpublished papers in this area. Interesting applications are welcome.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


If you are interested in taking part on this special session, please submit your paper directly through the WCCI web site selecting the option "Main research topic": S. Special Sessions - SS34. Methods of Operations Research For Decision Support Under Uncertainty. You can find further information related to the submission process and important dates at conference web site.

Papers submitted for special sessions are to be peer-reviewed with the same criteria used for the rest of contributed papers. As a result, all accepted papers will be included in the proceedings of the FUZZ-IEEE 2016.

Short CV of the Organizer

Jaroslav Ramik

Prof. Jaroslav Ramik, Ph.D. is a professor of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research at the Silesian University Opava, School of Business Karvina, Czech Republic. His professional interests include fuzzy optimization methods in economics and decision making. He is an author of 6 books in English and more than 60 papers listed in WoS. He is a research fellow in the National Supercomputer Center IT4 Innovation, division of the University of Ostrava, Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling. He is active in the Czech Society for Operations Research where he served as a former president of the society in two time periods.