Summary of Keynote Speakers
Paolo Manasse
University of Bologna, Italy
Lubomir Lizal
Czech National Bank
Geoffrey Carliner
Boston University, USA:
The Global Financial Crisis After One Year
Jan Frait
Czech National Bank:
Procyclicality and Financial Crisis: Wrong Regulation, Poor Supervision, Excessive Optimism or Just Loose Money?
John Lewis
De Nederlandsche Bank, The  Netherlands
Hitting and Hoping: Meeting the Exchange Rate and Inflation Criteria
during a Period of Nominal Convergence
Viktor Kotlan
Czech Savings Bank, Prague
Some Myths of Euro Adoption
Marek Dohnal
Raiffeisenbank, Prague
Basel II Implementation - Retail Credit Risk
Reint Gropp
European Central Bank
Financial Research at the ECB
Jan Frait
Czech National Bank
Asset Prices and Monetary Policy 
Iikka Korhonen
Institute for Economies in Transition, Bank of Finland
Eastern Enlargement of the Euro Area 
Jan Juchelka
National Property Fund
Is it Time to Abolish Transformation Institutions?
Hana Chlebna
Strategy of Business Investment in The CR
Patrik Choleva
Jihomoravska plynarenska, a.s.
Company vs. Bank: Efficient Cooperation
Burkhard Dallosch
Commerzbank, Praha
Banks, Regulatory Requirements and Corporate Governance
Zdenek Hustak
Komise pro cenne papiry, Praha
Regulation of Capital Market in the Czech Republic, Status and Activity of the Czech Securities Commission
Filip Mach
WestLB, London
Capital Markets: Trading vs. Regulation
Ivan Sramko
Narodna banka Slovenska
Development of Capital Market Regulation in the Slovak Republic
Robert Balik
Western Michigan Univeristy of Kalamazoo, U.S.A.
Financial Institution Mergers and Acquisitions in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovak Republic, 1989-2001;
Stanislav Poloucek
School of Business Administration Karvina
Comparison of the Banking Sector in Transition Countries
Martin Fuchs
Association for the Capital Market, Praha
Banking Sector and Capital Markets
Jiri Havel.
Institut ekonomickych studii, UK Praha
Bank Privatisation, Critical Look at Privatisation Procedures 
Milan Sikula
Slovenska konsolidacna, a.s., Bratislava
Consolidation, Revitalization and Restructuring in the Banking Sector of the Slovak Republic
Jan Juchelka
Fond narodniho majetku CR, Praha
The National Property Fund View on the Banking Sector Privatization
Marcela Jenickova
Deloitte & Touche Tohmatsu, Praha
Banking - The Auditor's Role
Petr Vins
Czech Rating Agency, a.s., Praha
Rating in the Czech Republic - Fast Development is a Challenge for the Future
Jiri Korb
Duff & Phelps CZ, a.s., Praha
The Meaning and Future of the Credit Rating
Miloslav Vosvrda
Ustav teorie informace a automatizace AV CR, Praha
Volatility and Uncertainty on Capital Markets 
Miroslav Brabec
Societe Generale, Praha
Advantages and Disadvantages of Intuitive Approach to Forecasting (in the Czech Republic)
Martin Cihak
Komercni banka, a.s., Praha
Possibilities and Limits of Macroeconomic Forecasting in the Czech Republic
Pavel Kysilka
CNB Praha
Monetary Policy of the CNB and Macroeconomic Stability in the Czech Republic
Elena Kohutikova
Slovenska narodna banka, Bratislava
Monetary Development in Slovakia
Miroslav Soucek
IPB, a.s., Praha
The State of macroeconomical and financial environment in the CR in 1997
Petr Chvojka
CSOB, a.s., Praha
The Main Trends of the Banking Sector Developement and the Globalisation Issues in Context with Integration Proccesses